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List of poems

The following is an alphabetical list of poems found
in both versions of "A nod and a smile."

You can click on any of the poem titles,
to view parts of the original version of it, online:

Please note:
This list does NOT correspond to the order of the poems appearing in the book,
and the format of the poems has been modified to enable
better presentation on the Internet.
A better way
A gift
A load off your mind
A setback
Am I listening?
Am I really alone?
As strangers go friends
Be clear about what you want
Being yourself
Criticism has no place
Discovering oneself
Excuse me
Feel like a sponge
How we treat others
I can do it
infinite possibilities

Very few of the poems are shown in full. While this is not the preferred presentation, it was found necessary, as rogue websites were pinching the content, and displaying it on their own sites, without permission. As these sites are not connected with Gary, and may have incompatible motives, a decision was taken to show "teasers" only. If you would like a full copy of the poem, please use the link below to request a copy. In requesting a copy, please provide at least one reason for your request. Use of these poems on any other website, or for hire or reward, without the author's permission, is a breach of copyright.

infinite possibilities

Gary welcomes and encourages comments on his book.  He only asks that you use your own words, and not be influenced by what is written by others. Please use the link below to forward your comments. Thank you.