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A nod and a smile
Pocket Version
(now available)

This book has been produced in response to numerous requests for a smaller version of the original book, so that it can be carried in a woman's handbag, or even a man's back pocket. 

This book is 10.5 cm by 14.8 cm, and about one cm thick.  It still consists of the original 40 poems, which have been modified in presentation, order and content to reflect feedback and the smaller format. 

Background Information

"A nod and a smile" is a collection of writings of the author on his journey in life, what was experienced, what was learned, and some surprises along the way. Everyone who has had an opportunity to read parts of this book, has at one time or another, nodded or smiled.

The original book has been revised, re-formatted and reproduced in this pocket-size version. This smaller book consists of, essentially the same 40 pieces of prose, in a slightly different order, spread over 134 pages.

This book was produced in response to numerous requests for a smaller version of the original book, that could be carried in a woman's handbag, or even a man's back pocket.  It has been published under Gary's publishing name of "Outside The Square Publishing." Gary was involved in all aspects of its development, and is responsible for every word in the book.

In creating this version, it was hoped to replicate the colours of the original book's cover.  While the background colour does closely resemble the original book, the vagaries of digital printing did not allow for the text to displayed in its original colour.  A  colour mismatch and hard-to-read text made it imperative to change its colour. The choice of the brighter yellow text was made "on the hop" at the printers, after discovering the other colour was not suitable.  While the memories of the original colour selection are still strong in Gary's mind, it is hoped that the readers of this version will embrace the brighter text on the cover.

The feather on the front cover has become an icon of Gary's books, and has been used on all ten titles so far.  It was chosen by a graphics designer who created the first version, and is meant to symbolise a quill.

While the first version of "A nod and a smile" was in full colour, the costs of printing in full colour this time, were prohibitive.  As a result, the internal contents of this book are black and white.

With a smaller book, came smaller text.  As a result, most of the poems now stretch over more pages than was previously the case in the original version.  In addition, the layouts of most poems have been changed to reflect Gary's evolving and preferred style.  Numerous word changes have been made to further enhance the readability of the poems.  Some colloquialisms previously used, have been replaced, as not everyone understood them.

To assist in, what is hoped, a better presentation for this version of "A nod and a smile", several poems were re-positioned. In addition, an Index of Poems has also been added, helping readers to more easily find, a favourite poem.

In effect, Gary's aim was to take the contents of his first book, which have been appreciated by many, and make it even more appealing.

Like the original book, it is fully expected that you will be able to do what Gary calls "the taste test." By literally opening the book to any poem, and read what is there, you will know if this book is for you.

At the same time, it is acknowledged that this book is not for everyone, as is the case for most books.  It is, and always will be, your choice.

While Gary readily admits that he does not have the answers, he offers suggestions and thoughts that may help you on your own journey in life.

Whether it is to cheer you up, or to give you another perspective, or just because you like what you read, it is hoped that you will enjoy "A nod and a smile".

infinite possibilities


ISBN 978-1-921465-08-6

(Please note: the quality of the above sample has declined in the process of converting it from the book format to a format suitable to be displayed on the Internet.) 
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