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As strangers go friends

We met at a wedding
coming from far away places.
Our origins in countries
separated by many miles of water.

At first there was hesitation
and some avoidance.
Then came intrigue
and a magnet of interest.

Your eyes so sharp
yet with a tint of uncertainty.
A meeting for the first time
or a reunion after a long break.

Listening to your words
was most enjoyable.
Your ideas and thoughts
strangely familiar.

A tear from your eye
brought some embarrassment.
A silly thought
as it enhanced your beauty.

Our conversation flowed easily
with eager anticipation of the next word.
The sound of your voice
calming and entertaining.

Your knowledge and interest
of different subjects most appealing.
The ease of talking
so refreshing.

The joy of our meeting
will always be remembered.
As two people from different cultures
the interaction was enchanting.

Thank you.
May our paths
cross again.

© Gary Dodd 2003

(Please note that the font and format of this poem has been
modified to suit the style and presentation of this website.)

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