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is standing up
for what
you believe in.

It is treating everyone
equally and fairly,
acting independent
of others that do otherwise.

It is being
open and honest,
responsible for
all of your actions.

It is speaking out
when others
are treated poorly.

It is refusing
to participate
in actions
detrimental to others.

It is admitting
and apologising
for your errors,
when mistakes
are made.

It is respecting
your environment,
your fellow humans,
and your self.

is not a characteristic,
it is
a way of life.

It is
what you do,
and what you say,

It sets you
apart from others,
it defines
you as a person.

Treat others,
as you would want,
to be treated.

Be upstanding,
be forthright,
be conscious,
of your actions.

to always act
with integrity.

© Gary Dodd 2003

(Please note that the font and format of this poem has been
modified to suit the style and presentation of this website.)

If you wish to cite this poem, you can use the following:
Dodd, Gary. "Integrity." A Nod and a Smile. Dubai: Gary Dodd, 2003. 92-94.

infinite possibilities

Author's Note
on another website
carrying this poem

Some time ago,
I submitted
my information
with this poem.

My details
were accepted,
and subsequently,
this poem
was added
to that site.

Over several months,
I have begun
to doubt
the bona fides
of that website.

Please exercise care
when viewing
this poem
on that website,
as frequently
and annoying
pop-ups appear.

I apologise
for any inconvenience
as this matter
is outside
of my control.

Every effort
will be made,
where possible,
to ensure that
this website
does not cause you
any such difficulties.

Gary Dodd
November 2011

infinite possibilities


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